Evicted bridal shop owner promises to return dresses

After being contacted by News 12 Connecticut, a Bridgeport bridal shop owner has made a promise to return dresses to customers after her business was shut down by a state marshal.
Charles Valentino closed the Wedding and Fashion Center with a lock and chain and put up an eviction notice Tuesday. He said the store owner has not paid her rent.
Valentino said he was flooded with calls from concerned brides who want to pick up their dresses. He said they can do so Thursday.
Owner Eartha Willis assured brides-to-be they will get their dresses back. She also said she paid all of her rent and doesn?t understand why she was evicted.
News 12 Connecticut will be at the shop Thursday when the customers come to get their dresses back. Willis says she will be there between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m.