Ex-Milford coach pleads no contest to sexual assault

A former Milford youth basketball coach accused of having an affair with one of his 16-year-old female players pleaded no contest in the case Thursday.
Thursday?s hearing was supposed to be a bond revocation hearing, but a deal was announced instead. Robert Dulin pleaded no contest to four charges, including sexual assault and breach of peace, both in the second degree.
Dulin could serve up to two years in prison under the plea agreement, provided he does not contact or threaten the victim in the case. If he violates that provision, he will have to deal with a maximum penalty of 16 years in prison.
Dulin's lawyer said his client felt it was in his and his family?s best interest to put the case behind them. He said that is one of the reasons Dulin agreed to the plea deal.
Neither Dulin nor the victim's family offered any comment.
Dulin's sentencing is scheduled for September 14.
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