Executive director of adult day care ran 5K once a day for 99 days in honor of residents

The executive director of a Greenwich adult day care ran one 5K a day for 99 days in honor of the facility's residents.
Donna Spellman will tell you all her clients at the River House Adult Day Center have a story to tell.
"Even though we might meet people here at River House because they have dementia or another challenge, they're a whole person. And I Iove getting to know who that whole person is," Spellman says.
Spellman highlights their stories - one story a day for 99 days from Memorial Day to Labor Day as part of her 99-day challenge.
It's something she started six years ago.
Spellman says each day she runs a 5K is in honor of a different client, even wearing a T-shirt with their picture while she runs.
"I think, well that's a challenge that's going to end after 3 miles versus the challenge that our families face every single day. And I feel like I owe it to them to go through it along with them," Spellman says.
Spellman recently teamed up with organizations like the Stamford Senior Center. This year, the center's Executive Director Christina Crain took part, biking a 5K each day.
"I did it too to raise awareness of older adults and just elevate them in the community because we are a society that often undervalues them," Crain says.
The challenge ended on Monday with all 15 participants walking from River House to Cos Cob Park and back.