Expecting the unexpected after early delivery

A southwestern Connecticut couple got the shock of their lives earlier this week when their son was born while they were on their way to the hospital.
To complicate matters, the delivery came about 1:30 a.m. on a lonely stretch of Route 7.
Donna and Cary Paley live in Stamford, but had decided on using a midwife at Danbury Hospital.
The couple already has a 4-year-old daughter, but Donna Paley preferred a more natural delivery this time around.
Donna Paley knew her son David was about to be born early Tuesday morning. What she didn't know was how much of a hurry he was in.
"We hopped in the car and we just, just didn't make it," she says.
The Stamford couple had reached Wilton, about half way to Danbury Hospital, when little David decided it was time.
"I said, 'Pull over! Pull over! We have to stop,'" Donna Paley says.
Cary Paley frantically began looking for a place to park, settling on a car wash. He then dialed 911.
Fortunately, a Wilton police officer arrived about 30 seconds later.
Less than a minute later, David Paley was born in the front seat of his parents' car.