'Experience that changed my entire life.' St. Vincent's 1st COVID patient visits hospital to thank workers

A Bridgeport man returned to St. Vincent's Medical Center Friday two years after he was admitted for COVID-19 to thank health care workers for saving his life.
Rodney Davis says when he walked into the hospital two years ago, he didn't know just how sick he was.
"Waking up after two months in a coma, you know, fighting with my life - for my life - with COVID," said Davis.
Last year, Davis went back to the cheers of health care workers who got him through his illness.
"It was an experience that changed my entire life. I was reborn," he said.
He has thanked the staff at the hospital many times and considers them heroes.
They look at him as a sign of courage and hope.
The 23-year-old from Venezuela says he did get COVID again in December but is fully vaccinated.
Two years later he considers himself lucky.
"So for me you know, I'm just living every day like the last one," he said.
Davis says after his experience, he's thinking about becoming an EMT.