Expert urges kids to adjust sleep schedules before new school year

Some experts say children should start readjusting their sleeping schedules about two weeks ahead of the start of the new school year.
Cathy McCarthy is a holistic health expert, a life coach and a mom. She says keeping her kids on a regular sleep schedule during the summer gets tough.
"Getting up on a Tuesday might be 11 o'clock," she says. "It might be 8 o'clock...So that means when they go to bed at night, it can also be a late night."
So she recommends having children begin their back-to-school sleep schedule in August.
"I try waking them up in the morning a little bit earlier now," she says. "So when they get back to school, it's not such a punch in the face to wake up at 6 and to get ready."
But Matthew Laskowski, the principal of Rippowam Middle School in Stamford, disagrees. He says whatever their regimen, students tend to fix it on their own in September.
"Let the students have fun," he says. "They have a few more weeks, and they're gonna adjust on their own. And the excitement of a new year is gonna help carry them through if they are feeling tired."