Experts call Lieberman a doubtful VP choice

Political analysts doubt Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain will pick Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman for the number two slot.
They say the registered independent could even derail McCain?s campaign if selected. At the same time, they say his presence at the convention would demonstrate McCain?s ability to work with the other side.
Political science professors at Fairfield University and Sacred Heart University warn the Connecticut senator?s domestic policies will alienate the Republican base.
?I think McCain?s problem with respect to Lieberman is that except on issues of terrorism and the war in Iraq, he?s a very strong social Democrat,? says Dr. Donald Greenberg, of Fairfield University.
Dr. Gary Rose, of Sacred Heart, says this would be the candidate?s first decision and, if wrong, would, ?for all intensive purposes, send the campaign into a tailspin.?
Others on McCain?s list of potential running mates include former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge and Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty.