Experts to determine if remains found in Ridgefield are from American Revolution

Archeologists and local historians are excited about what they say could be a monumental find in Ridgefield.
University of Connecticut archeologist Nick Bellantoni says when construction was being done on an old basement in Ridgefield recently, workers dug down 2 feet and found human remains.
Bellantoni says line drawings show that two male skeletons were found co-mingled in a makeshift grave and a third skeleton was found 15 feet away.
Brass and pewter buttons were also found.
Experts are going to use modern technology to determine if these were either British or colonial soldiers from the Battle of Ridgefield in 1777.
The British Consulate in Boston has been notified of the discovery. If the skeletal remains are soldiers from the American Revolution, they will be given full military honors.
Experts say it will take months to conduct tests and research.