Experts urge protection after new mosquito tests

After mosquitoes in Plainfield tested positive for a Eastern Equine Encephalitis, state health officials are urging residents to protect themselves against mosquito bites.
The virus, known as ?Triple E?, is a rare but often fatal virus in people and horses. It is more likely to affect horses than people.
So far this season, there have been no reports of horses being infected in Connecticut. However, the equestrian community in southwestern Connecticut is not taking any chances and is vaccinating horses against the virus.
There is no vaccine for humans, and though human cases are rare, experts say the virus can be more serious than West Nile. Symptoms include a fever of 103 to 106 degrees, a stiff neck, headache and lack of energy. The virus can progress rapidly and cause death in many cases.
Since there is no treatment, prevention is key. Experts advise minimizing time outdoors at dusk and dawn, covering up and wearing mosquito repellent that contains DEET.