Experts warn increased summer airfare prices will become increasingly unavoidable

Airline industry leaders say airfare hikes are becoming increasingly unavoidable and that planning a summer vacation should start several months in advance.
Experts say geopolitical chaos isn't just pushing prices higher at the pump, but it's also taking a toll on jet fuel.
The Russia and Ukraine crisis is only part of the problem, experts say.
As the demand fuel goes up, so do prices.
Fran Mayko, of AAA Northeast in Milford, says top destinations this summer are the theme parks like Disney World in Orlando.
"Everybody wants to go to Disney, Universal and all of Florida because they're fed up with the cold weather, that's followed by Cancun, Aruba, Punta Cana, Vegas and Hawaii," Mayko says.
She says AAA estimates over 60% of Americans are planning trips over the next two months.
In Connecticut, Frontier Airlines just kicked off service from Bradley International to San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Frontier is also expected to add Cancun, Mexico to the list of flights out of Bradley in March.
New Haven Tweed has seen popularity with Avelo Airlines, which now flies to six destinations in Florida.
Avelo is expected to add flights to Nashville, Tennessee, Myrtle Beach, Charleston, South Carolina and Savannah, Georgia.
Mayko says always talk to a travel agent while planning a trip and to purchase travel insurance.