Extra police presence deployed at Connecticut train stations following subway shooting

Commuters in Connecticut saw an active police presence at train stations across the state in the wake of the Brooklyn subway shooting Tuesday morning.
State police were posted at the Stamford, Bridgeport and New Haven stations. MTA police showed an increased presence at all stations Tuesday morning.
Some residents riding into New York were rattled by the news.
"Many people using the train, you never know who is the crazy one," said one commuter.
Still, others who rely on public transportation said they will not be ruled by fear.
"If you're scared to ride the train, you can't go anywhere. It could happen on Metro-North," said another commuter.
State and MTA police were on hand all day, complete with K-9s and body armor. The extra police presence calmed some commuter fears of copycat attacks.
"These situations can be triggers for people who are on the edge to make it their moment, go out and try to replicate something," said a commuter.
Some commuters said they would feel safer if there was regularly an extra police presence on train platforms.