Fabrizi fires back in Bridgeport trash spat

(06/13/07) BRIDGEPORT ? Bridgeport Mayor John Fabrizi put the blame squarely on residents in the city?s bulk trash controversy.
Residents have been complaining their bulk trash is piling up because the city has not picked it up. They claim they were confused by Bridgeport?s trash schedule.
However, those expecting to get sympathy from the mayor will have to look somewhere else.
?People make it sound like it?s our fault,? said Fabrizi. ?Sorry folks, it?s not. It?s easy, follow the rules.?
The mayor claims the program was successful for everyone except a select few who missed the pickup date. City officials also said they made the pickup schedule widely available through print and radio, in both English and Spanish.
The city plans to finish pickup in the 134th District by Friday. It will then start the last district, the 135th, on Monday. Residents who need to find out what district they live in can call 211.The community group ACORN, Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, says its going to protest Thursday against the fines being levied against people who have their trash in the wrong places.
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