Fairfield community commemorates Holocaust Remembrance Day

The Fairfield community is gathering for an interfaith service, to remember the 6 million Jews killed during the Holocaust.
Several people in the area say they have ties to the Holocaust, so the Yom Hashoah ceremony is especially important to them.
It's the 37th year the First Church Congregation in Fairfield is commemorating Yom Hashoah and the importance of never forgetting the horrific atrocities Jews went through.
Adele Jacobs is the daughter of two Holocaust survivors. This ceremony was a moment to honor her parents, who survived some of the deadliest ghettos and concentration camps under the Nazis, but also a day to continue pressing forward, as antisemitic incidents surge around the nation.
"Never again starts to sound very hollow when Jews are walking in the streets of Manhattan with a kippah head covering on and are getting beaten up," said Jacobs.