Fairfield couple bikes toward AIDS help

A newlywed Fairfield couple took the path less traveled to help children living with AIDS in Africa by riding their bicycles cross-country.
The couple, Julie and Brad Murray, set out from Washington on June 15 and spent 56 days on the road. They are determined to make a difference.
"We've been sponsoring a child in Africa for five years and now we have three children," Julie Murray says.
The Murrays worked in conjunction with World Vision to organize the cross-country bike ride, which raised close to $30,000 for children living in Lesotho, a country enclosed by South Africa that is plagued by HIV and AIDS.
"Despite our roughest, toughest day out on the road climbing hills, mountains, whatever, the lives in Lesotho - even on their best day - are so much more difficult than our worst day," Brad Murray says.
The Murrays rode about 80 miles a day, camping out on Indian reservations and sometimes sleeping on church floors. Notwithstanding the challenges, they say the thousands of miles on their bikes were rewarding.
"It's nice that we can bring hope to that community," Brad Murray says.