Fairfield couple stranded in Maui while on honeymoon looks to community to help wildfire victims

A Fairfield couple that was stranded in Maui while on their honeymoon is hoping the community will come together to help wildfire victims who lost everything.
Jonathan and Danielle Beresky say they were stranded at their hotel with no power, no cellphone service and low food supply. After a few days they were finally able to evacuate. They say school buses took them to Maui Airport and they flew to Honolulu to spend the rest of their honeymoon.
Now that they are back home, they are urging the community to offer help for those in Maui.
"They definitely need equipment, you know food, water, all that kind of stuff," says Jonathan Beresky. "They are amazing people and really need the help."
The couple says there was never a moment that they felt like tourists when they got to Honolulu, saying that they were welcomed with open arms.