Fairfield farm stand catches fire; man hurt trying to free chickens

A man was injured and hundreds of chickens were killed Tuesday when a farm stand caught fire, police say.
The fire started inside the farm stand on Mine Hill Road just before 5 a.m.
Officials say the farm stand housed between 600 and 700 live chickens and farming equipment.
Firefighters say it took about 30 minutes to get the fire fully under control, with propane and fuel tanks stored inside complicating the way it would be handled.
Fire officials say the owner suffered minor injuries while attempting to free some of the chickens from the coop inside the farm stand.
The residents of the home made it out safely. A man was rescued by firefighters inside the caretaker home, which was also exposed to the fire.
The owners of the farm estimate they lost between 500 and 600 chickens. 
The homeowner told News 12 Connecticut that her family, including two young children, are shaken by the loss.
She also says the family will have to let clients know they'll need some time to recover and rebuild their egg selling business.