Fairfield gas leak forces evacuation

Crews were out in Fairfield Thursday morning to repair a gas leak that forced the evacuation of some homes and businesses.
The leak was found in a high pressure line at Old Post Road and John Street in Southport. The incident happened around 10 a.m. Fire officials say the line was broken when equipment used by contractors digging a trench caused a ledge to come down on the line.
The gas line is owned by Southern Connecticut Gas. Fairfield Fire Assistant Chief Scott Bisson says the actual damage was on one of the line's connection points.
A spokesperson for Southern Connecticut Gas says about 20 homes and businesses were affected for a few hours. Fire officials say the gas danger was over when the line was repaired by crews. Those evacuated were able to return to their homes and businesses about two hours after the incident.
Southern Connecticut Gas is now investigating whether the contractors are liable for the damage to the main.