Fairfield police: 2 homes, local playground vandalized in Fairfield

Fairfield police say two homes and a local playground were vandalized in the Fairfield Beach area earlier this month.
Suspects spray-painted racial slurs targeted at the Black, LGBTQ+ and Jewish communities. 
Lifelong Fairfield resident Bob Sabre says he's been building houses in town for 35 years. 
Two of his houses under construction suffered thousands of dollars in damages when he says appliances, floors, and cabinets were vandalized with paint earlier in October.
Sabre says the houses were unlocked, prompting him to install locks the next day. 
The next night, Sabre says, the houses were vandalized again when locks, walls and doors were spray-painted with racial slurs, swears, and depictions of male genitalia. 
Police say additional vandalism was reported at a nearby playground when expletives against the Black, LGBTQ+ and the Jewish community had to be cleaned up by the town.
Police say spray-paint cans found in the area were sent to a state lab for analysis.
Sabre says he's had trouble sleeping because he's worried it may happen again.
"It's a very quiet beach road, it's a cul-de-sac, and kids play at the end of it, and I think they migrated over, they saw the house with no lights, it was unlocked and just took advantage of that situation to do destruction," said Sabre.
Anyone with information on the case can contact Fairfield Police at 203-254-4800.