Fairfield woman who tested positive for virus pleads for residents to stop gathering at recreational spaces

A Fairfield woman who tested positive for COVID-19 after exhibiting uncommon symptoms is pleading for residents to stop gathering at the town's public recreational spaces.

The 35-year-old woman who wished to remain anonymous tells News 12 that she tested positive for the virus on Tuesday.
"I'm fortunate that it didn't get as worse as it could," she says.

She says first her husband started to feel unwell on March 14, and she became sick a few days later.

They both learned that the husband's co-worker was diagnosed with coronavirus.

She says her husband works in New York City.

The couple never had a high fever or bad cough, but instead, the woman's been dealing with severe headaches, back pain, tingling sensations, loss of taste and smell, and a slight heaviness in her chest.

"It wasn't any of those symptoms that the doctors are telling you," she says. "It took a little bit of pushing for me to finally talk to my doctor and to get a test."
She's just one of 17 people in Fairfield who have tested positive.

"I have been working extraordinarily hard to make sure that our community understands the seriousness of this virus and how highly contagious it is," First Selectwoman Brenda Kupchick says.

Kupchick has closed all public beaches, parks, playgrounds and recreational spaces in town to help slow the spread of the virus, but despite several press conferences and PSA videos, some kids and adults are still gathering in large groups.

"Last weekend, we continued to get reports of people still going into closed spaces. Our police officers were very busy responding to calls," Kupchick says.

"If it's closed, it's closed. It's closed for everybody, not just some people. So please, please heed these warnings. This is really a serious virus. Please stay home."

Police will continue patrolling all recreational spaces to stop violators.

The woman's children who are 3 and 5 years old are now sick too, but the woman says she was the only one who was tested.

As the whole family recovers, they just hope their fellow community members will listen and stay home.
"I just want to help people who do have the potential of getting really sick," the woman says. "And I think the only way to do that is to make people realize that everybody can get this, everybody has the potential to get it."
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