Family: Bridgeport man killed was acting in self defense

The family of a Bridgeport man fatally shot earlier this week says he was attempted to defend himself at the time of his death.
Manny Cobb, 26, was shot in front of his home on Brooks Street shortly after 6:00p.m. on Tuesday.
His father and grandmother tell News 12 he was not the aggressor in the deadly encounter.
Annie Mae Cobb-Jordan says her grandson was attacked by a group of people he knew.
"They all had a part of it. And when they were standing over him, they held him down so he could be stabbed and shot," says Cobb-Jordan.
The incident was related to the breakup between Cobb and his girlfriend.
Cobb's family says he was acting in self-defense.
A memorial service for Cobb will take Thursday at Morton's Funeral Home in Bridgeport.