Family, friends hold candlelight vigil for Bridgeport shooting victim

Family and friends held a candlelight vigil Wednesday at Bridgeport Hospital for the city's most recent shooting victim, who's in critical but stable condition.
Police said 48-year-old Scott Bish was shot just after 3:30 p.m. Tuesday near Newfield Avenue and Jefferson Street. They say he is in critical but stable condition after undergoing surgery to remove bullets from his body.
"It's very disappointing and I'm saddened about it," says the victim’s mother, Imogene Bish McGrae. "For him to be a victim like this was unnecessary, any child, anyone's child," Bish McGrae said.
The father of two and U.S. Navy veteran was shot multiple times and friends and family say it's a miracle he pulled through. They say he still has a long way to go.
News 12 Connecticut interviewed Bish at Newfield Park back in June, after a 3-year-old boy left unattended suffered a serious accident on the playground. Bish stayed with the child until help arrived.
"Our neighborhood at Newfield took care of the kid until the police came," Bish said last year.
Now that Bish himself needs support to pull through, friends and family say the whole community is behind him. They're also asking people in Bridgeport to stop settling scores with guns.
"They don't realize how many people it affects,” says Bish McGrae. “It's a rippling effect and it needs to stop."
Police say they're examining surveillance video as part of their investigation into this shooting.
Anyone with information on this case should call police at 203-576-TIPS.