Family of missing child, Bridgeport reach settlement

A settlement has been reached between the city of Bridgeport and the family of a child who has been missing since 2001.
Police have maintained that Bianca LeBron was last seen at Elias Howe Elementary School on Clinton Avenue. Investigators say she told her friends she was going to the mall with her uncle and was last seen getting into a tan van.
LeBron?s family blames the city?s board of education for her disappearance. Family members argued that the board of education did not have adequate security at the school and that one of the child?s teachers let her go.
?The family feels if the teacher would have exercised any supervision over this child and asked questions, that this would not have happened and they would not be in this situation today,? LeBron family attorney Angelo Maragos says.
The family says even though they reached a $750,000 settlement with the city, they may never have closure. Assistant City Attorney Art Laske says the City Council still has to approve the settlement next month. If approved, the LeBron family would receive the payout in $125,000 increments over the next six years.
Meanwhile, the missing person case remains open with the FBI and Bridgeport police.
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