Family pleads for help finding beloved dog

A Greenwich family is searching for their beloved dog who went missing in North Greenwich while under the care of a pet sitter. 
The Townsend family left Reese, a 3-year-old yellow Lab, in the care of a pet sitter when they went away for Thanksgiving.
“She texts me saying this morning, after we had talked, she lost the dog in Babcock Preserves in Greenwich,” says Jill Townsend. “The stories we’ve gotten since have been pretty conflicting, not really making sense.”
People across Fairfield County have helped the Townsends by organizing searches and posting flyers. One marketing company recently sent a flyer out to 250,000 people in the area.
“There haven't been any legit sightings of Reese, so we're thinking someone may have her and maybe doesn't know that she's ours and we want her back,” says Townsend.
Townsend says Reese wasn’t wearing her collar the time. For unknown reasons, the pet sitter put a green collar on the dog with the name Georgia and the woman’s phone number. Townsend says the sitter also put a shock collar on her.
“I have three kids and every day they ask if anyone’s found the dog, so it’s been hard,” says Townsend.
Townsend has gone to police with her situation. She’s offering a $3,000 reward for Reese’s return or useful information, no questions asked.
“We just want her home,” says Townsend.