Stamford family thanks hospital staff after man beats COVID-19

A Stamford family is sharing their story of coronavirus recovery and thanking the people on the front lines.

Domenico Schinella, 66, returned home Friday to a surprise celebration. Family and friends welcomed him back after a monthlong stay in the hospital where he fought COVID-19, and beat it against the odds.

His son, Joseph Schinella says it began in mid-March when his father developed a cough and fever.

He quarantined at home with his wife, but he had to be rushed to Stamford Hospital when his oxygen levels dropped. That day, the father and son talked on FaceTime.

Hours later, Domenico Schinella had to be put on a ventilator. The family says they struggled not being able to visit, but they relied on daily calls from hospital staff.

Joseph Schinella says there were improvements followed by setbacks. But the family found comfort in the nurses caring for Domenico Schinella.
One nurse even called his wife on speaker phone on what was the Schinellas' 43rd wedding anniversary.

After 22 days on a ventilator, family got the news he could come off -- something doctors called impressive given the time he was intubated and his age.

"The people on the front lines, they're risking their lives. They're not just doing their jobs, they genuinely care. You know, they genuinely care and they go above and beyond," said Joseph Schinella.

Joseph Schinella says his father is "doing great."