Family urges Stamford man's killer to surrender to police

The brother of a Stamford man who was gunned down in Bridgeport Thursday is urging the killer to surrender to police. 
Max Antoine, 33, was shot and killed early Thursday morning after leaving a restaurant and walking to his car. It was Bridgeport's seventh homicide this year. 
"My brother was a great brother, great uncle, great father and a wonderful human being," says the victim's brother. "There's no way you can walk around and live with what you did…You hurt not just his family, you hurt the community of Stamford, Connecticut."
Antoine's family placed candles on the site where he was shot as a memorial and held hands to remember a brother, a father and a son. His family says he was a hard worker who volunteered his time with young people.
Police say they are investigating the homicide. No arrests have been made.