‘Far from perfect’ CT budget scrutinized at state Capitol

Connecticut residents, especially small business owners, had plenty to say Friday during the first public hearing on Gov. Ned Lamont’s proposed budget.
Among other items at issue was the governor’s plan to begin charging sales tax on dozens of items.
Gov. Lamont says his budget is “far from perfect” but that it's fair because it taxes all businesses equally.
To sweeten the pot, he's offering a small property tax credit and a business tax cut.
Critics say Lamont is giving too many tax breaks to the wealthy, while asking everyone else to pay more.
"The governor's proposal is an embrace of the rich, mega-profitable corporations and intergenerational wealth," says Sal Luciano, of AFSCME Council 4.
Gov. Lamont insisted Friday that his budget will help the middle class and schools.
His biggest trouble may actually come from his own party who want the ultra-rich to pay more. However, if they leave the state, they won't pay any taxes at all.