Father charged after fall from window with son

While a Bridgeport resident and his son recover from a two-story fall, police are attempting to piece together what led to the incident. Police say an unidentified man was arrested and charged with risk of injury to a minor. Although the circumstances are unclear, authorities say the man fell out of an apartment window on Brewster Street, taking his 3-year-old son with him. The man suffered a broken wrist and his son suffered a hairline fracture. After falling, the little boy reportedly walked next door to the home of Stephanie Bastidis. She says her aunt then found the boy's father still lying on the ground. Bastidis says he had blood on his face and acted strange when her aunt asked him what happened. Until the investigation is complete, neighbors say they can only wonder as to what really happened. One neighbor questioned, ?Why would a guy jump out of a window and have a kid jump out after him??