Father of Bridgeport police shooting victim speaks out

The father of the Bridgeport teen fatally shot by police last week is speaking publicly through his attorney for the first time about the deadly encounter.
The father spoke at his lawyer’s office at the Bridgeport Legal Center on Broad Street.
Juan Negron says his life changed forever last Tuesday when his 15-year-old son Jayson was fatally shot by police.
Negron spoke through his attorney, Michael J. Rosnick, who said Negron is speaking out in the pursuit of justice, and no lawsuit has been filed.
In a statement, Rosnick said, “On May 9, Jayson was shot, handcuffed, placed face-first on the ground and was left unattended for approximately six hours. During that time, Jayson died."
Rosnick continued, “The family is expecting that the rule of law and justice will prevail, that the state of Connecticut will conduct a fair and impartial investigation."
As News 12 Connecticut has reported, police initially said an officer fatally shot Jayson after he had failed to stop the stolen car he was driving, and then backed up into at least one officer.
“It appears that the initial factual allegations from the city of Bridgeport, and on social media, were false,” says Rosnick. “It appears that the vehicle was not stolen, there was never a police car chase, and no officer's life was ever in danger to warrant the use of deadly force on a child nonetheless.
Police say the shooting of Jayson and his passenger, Julian Fyffe, was justified.
Attorneys, however, have filed a $6 million lawsuit against the police department on behalf of the passenger.
Connecticut State Police have taken over the investigation. Rosnick says he will conduct an independent investigation.
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