FDA issues alert after finding link between cancers and breast implants

The FDA issued a safety communication earlier this week announcing evidence of cancers forming around breast implants.
There have been 50 confirmed cases of either an unexpected lymphoma or a squamous carcinoma forming within the scar tissue that surrounds the implant.
Doctors assure people not to panic because the number of reported cases is low.
"People should know this is a rare event and there's not cause for widespread alarm, but important if you have breast implants and notice anything abnormal or a new change in your breasts, you should have it further evaluated. And if you're considering breast implants, you should know all the risks and benefits, so you make an informed decision and one that feels right for you,” said Dr. Colleen McCarthy, attending surgeon at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.
In all 50 reported cases, the women all reported experiencing some sort of change in the breast, like swelling, size change, lumps, persistent pain, or change to the skin. Doctors recommend that anyone experiencing these symptoms contact their surgeons immediately.
In an average year, about 400,000 women will get breast implants.