FDNY: 12 injured in crane collapse, fire in Manhattan

The FDNY reported more injuries Thursday following the crane collapse and fire incident.
According to fire officials, three firefighters and nine civilians have injuries that are not life-threatening. All were transported to treatment and are expected to be OK.
This comes after a crane's longarm collapsed and fell from a 50-story building that was under construction in Manhattan. Over 200 firefighters responded to the scene tending to the five-alarm fire.
Team 12 investigates found the general contractor Monadnock Construction faces at least five lawsuits this year and over 10 last year. According to the Department of Buildings, there were two inspections of the crane conducted in June and no violations were issued at any of those inspections.
There were no open violations at the time of the incident Wednesday.
The crane has been dismantled and the DOB is looking into how the incident happened.