FEMA assists Port Chester residents still looking for relief after Ida

If you have damages stemming from Ida and are still looking for help— you may be able to get it today in Port Chester.
Kathy Milliken was the first person in line hours before FEMA even arrived to help Ida flood victims at Rye Court House on North Main Street.
Milliken is a lifelong Port Chester resident who lives in her childhood home with her husband and her dog. She says she's seen all kinds of storms, but Ida was a devastating experience for her.
“We lost the hot water heater, we lost the furnace, we lost the circuit panel, we had about 6 feet of water in the basement that came up through the kitchen floor,” Milliken says. “We lost the driveway, the pathway, the fence around the yard…we have mold that has to be taken care of, which right now is my biggest concern."
She has already spent $15,000 out of pocket, but she still has many other repairs to make.
"I'm running out of money. I've used my IRA, my home equity – I’ve got no money left. And I still need to pay workers that are cleaning my house,” she says.
FEMA has been flooded with countless other residents in Milliken's position, so she's hoping to get some face-to-face help today.
Along with FEMA – the Red Cross, Small Business Administration, and Department of Social Services will be on hand to help at the Rye Court House.