FEMA won't pay for flooded CT home repairs

After surveying the damage from April?s nor?easter, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has agreed to pay for repairs to Connecticut infrastructure, but not individual homes, leaving flood victims high and dry.
President Bush declared Fairfield County a disaster area Friday, but FEMA says there weren?t enough houses with severe damage for the agency to fund individual repairs.
Despite the decision, homeowners currently paying for the water problems could benefit from FEMA's funding. FEMA will also put up money for flood prevention projects. Individual towns can apply for retaining walls and culverts. The state then decides which projects take priority.
State Senator Bob Duff (D-Norwalk) hopes to put part of the budget surplus into the state's emergency fund so it can be used to help homeowners if FEMA assist them.
Governor Rell (R-CT) is able to appeal FEMA's decision about individual homeowners. FEMA says she'll have to prove more people have requested assistance since FEMA's initial assessment.