Film and TV actor from Bridgeport says it's rewarding to give back to the community

An Atlanta-based actor who's originally from Bridgeport was back in the Park City Sunday, where he spends time mentoring young people.
Alphonso Jackson, who's been in TV shows like "Cobra Kai" and in movies like "Last Seen Alive" said it feels great to give back.
"Growing up in Bridgeport, we didn't really have many role models, so actually being able to be one of those role models for children to look up to is extremely important to me, whether it's through feeding the homeless and the elderly, or just looking out for the kids who are up and coming and want somebody to believe in them," Jackson said. "That's why I wanted somebody to believe in me, so I have to believe in somebody."
Jackson said he and his wife, who is a nationally syndicated radio host and recording artist, will be featured in an upcoming edition of VH1's "My Celebrity Dream Wedding".