Financial advisor: Maintain investments

As residents of southwestern Connecticut closely follow Tuesday?s financial bailout hearing and the impact of the current financial crisis on their own lives, Edward Jones financial advisor Jim Kreitler urges those residents to continue investing in their futures.
"You should stick to the plan that you initiated however long ago and that is to continue to invest for your retirement, to continue to invest for your children's education,? Kreitler says. ?It's imperative right now that people do not abandon things they've been doing to save for the future."
As News 12 Connecticut reported earlier Tuesday, Kreitler warns against making money decisions based on the day to day events of the markets. He also recommends diversifying assets and investments and being aware of the long term perspective while investing.
Kreitler was unable to speculate about when the collapse will subside, though he did acknowledge that it is important for residents to know that it will be resolved.
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