Financial obstacles could keep Bridgeport Chargers from national championship

The undefeated Bridgeport Chargers football team is hoping to compete at a national championship in Florida, but they're facing a big financial obstacle.
The team is in need of $15,000 for their chance to compete in the 8U division.
Parents, staff and elected officials, such are Sen. Richard Blumenthal, are coming together to promote a fundraiser that will allow the players to live out their dreams.
The Bridgeport Chargers are members of the United Youth Football Organization (UYF). The Chargers are an unlimited weight football program comprised of young, spirited athletes that range from ages 7 to 14 or grades 2-8.
Football coach Chris Pierce said it is much more than just another out-of-town competition. He told News 12 that they want to represent Bridgeport in the national competition.