Finch expected to soar over challengers

After the state Supreme Court ruled Bridgeport elections could proceed as planned, Democrats look poised to grab victory in the mayoral race.
State Leg. Bill Finch (D) is favored to become the city?s next mayor since Democrats outnumber Republicans in the city by a ratio of 7-1. Despite being called a shoe-in for the office, Finch spent the waning hours before Election Day campaigning.
?We haven?t taken one thing for granted in this election,? says Finch. ?We?d like to win by a big margin if we can, but all we have to do is is win and get in there and begin the work of turning Bridgeport into a better place for our children.?
Seven candidates, including Finch, are vying for the position being vacated by incumbent John Fabrizi.
State Rep. Chris Caruso, Finch?s challenger for the Democratic nomination, took legal action in an effort to delay Tuesday?s vote. Caruso alleges voting irregularities caused him to lose the primary.
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