'Finding out what happened to Vanessa' - Police continue to investigate disappearance of Ansonia toddler 1 year later

Police are continuing their investigation into the disappearance of Ansonia toddler Vanessa Morales, one year after she was discovered missing and her mother found dead.
They say Vanessa Morales recently turned 2 years old and may look different from the pictures - but remain hopeful she'll be back home to celebrate future birthdays with family.
Flowers and pictures taped to a light pole pay tribute to Vanessa Morales and Christine Holloway near their home on Myrtle Avenue. Ansonia police had found Holloway killed inside, and her then 1-year-old daughter was nowhere to be found.
The FBI, state police and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children immediately joined local detectives in their search for her. They remain on the case today.
"There's constant content between the agencies. We still receive tips on a regular basis. Unfortunately, none of the tips have led us to finding what - finding out what happened to Vanessa," says Lt. Patrick Lynch, of the Ansonia Police Department..
Police arrested Vanessa Morales' father, Jose Morales, for Holloway's death. He is charged with murder and evidence tampering but isn't charged with Vanessa Morales' disappearance.
In his arrest warrant, Jose Morales admitted to being high on PCP at the time and said he didn't remember much but denied killing Holloway or kidnapping Vanessa Morales.
"We believe that Jose Morales was the last person that was with Vanessa Morales before she went missing. So based on that, he would be a person that would be very key to us to get information from," says Lynch.
For now, with a pending murder case, Jose Morales is not talking.
As police continue to investigate, they're still looking for child care items taken from Vanessa Morales' home during the crime - a Greyco carseat, Eddie Bauer diaper bag, a polka dot blanket and a teething ring.
"There's one thought process that if we can find those, they'll give us an idea of what happened," says Lynch.
There is still a $10,000 reward from the FBI for information leading to Vanessa's safe return.
Tips can be reported anonymously to Ansonia Police at 203-725-1885.