Finding the balance: Students, parents adjust to online classes in Connecticut

With all schools in the state closed until further notice, parents are telling News 12 that keeping a consistent schedule with their kids is increasingly important.
Reporter Caren Pinto was in Greenwich where she spoke to Joelma Da Silva. She logs onto the Google classroom starting at 8:30 a.m. where her son's teacher and 24 of his classmates from Cos Cob Elementary are performing their daily work on iPads the school provided to them. 
Da Silva says the class begins and ends about the same time it would if he was going to school. She makes sure she gives her son a recess and time to play his musical instrument.
Da Silva is a housekeeper, and able to bring her son to work, but she says a lot of her friends have been struggling with finding a balance. She says many are relying on older siblings to teach the younger ones.
"It's been challenging but also grateful that I can be with him, and grateful that I'm allowed to be with him at my work place, so I can work and teach him at the same time,” she told News 12.
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