“You saved us” – Bridgeport teen calls 911 after noticing black smoke

A Bridgeport teen is being called a hero after her quick actions may have prevented an apartment fire that displaced 10 people from causing even more damage.
The fire happened Sunday at the building located on Stratford and Hollister avenues.
Fifteen-year-old Jaylyn Quintanilla was doing laundry, like she does every Sunday, when she felt a draft coming from the back door.
"I looked to my right and there was like black smoke, and I was like, ‘Wait, that's not right,’" said Quintanilla.
Her dad told her to call 911 -- something she's never had to do before.
Then she screamed for her three sisters, parents and the other families in the building to get out as flames continued to pour out of the apartments next door.
Officials say the fire started in the bedroom in one of the four apartments above a package store.
Everyone made it out safely. The package store was closed, but a pet bird was inside. Crews were able to rescue it.
Quintanilla is now feeling like a hero, wondering how things would have ended if she didn't take action right away.
"My neighbors told me, ‘Oh thank you, you saved us.’ I was like, ‘No problem,’" she said.
The Red Cross is helping those temporarily displaced. Meanwhile, the package store is open for business.
The cause of the fire remains under investigation.