Fire officials: 2-alarm fire breaks out at Litchfield High School

An investigation has been launched into the two-alarm fire that broke out at Litchfield High School.
The fire occurred on the roof of the building during school hours. Students were evacuated and the flames were quickly put out by firefighters.
A note sent out by the district says there were no injuries or major structural damage. However, the library sustained some water damage, which the school says it is working on restoring.
One student present during the incident said he expected the worst.
"I was in shock because there were like 15 firetrucks. It was just crazy, I thought something really bad happened,” said eighth grader James Farrington.
The district has said it is looking into why roof work was taking place while students and staff were in the building.
It also stated that it does not expect any closures on Monday but will notify the community if circumstances change.