First selectman to umpire Greenwich Wiffle ball dispute

First Selectman Peter Tesei has gotten involved in a battle between town officials and local teenagers over a controversial Wiffle ball field.
The teens built the Little Field of Dreams on Riverside Lane over a period of about three weeks. In addition to noise and traffic complaints from neighbors, Town Administrator John Crary looked to get rid of the field, telling the teenagers that the area was not zoned as a playground.
"We recognize that the actions of these young adults taking over this piece of property for a Wiffle ball field was not appropriate, was not correct, was not legal," says Crary. "It does have a negative impact on the neighbors; however the kids have a right to play."
Tesei wants to sit down with both sides before a final decision is made. The first selectman is away on vacation, however, and won't be back until later this week.
Town officials had ordered the teens to dismantle their Wiffle ball field by Tuesday. Tesei's involvement gives the children a chance to continue playing ball for at least a few more days.
A lawyer for an angry neighbor says a compromise will probably not be acceptable.
"At this point because it's gotten to be such a problem in the neighborhood, I don't know if they're really willing to listen to anything as to it remaining," says attorney Thomas Heagney.
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