‘Flowers for Friends’ sells bouquets to benefit Bridgeport nonprofits

Organizers of the initiative “Flowers for Friends” sold bouquets Saturday to raise money for Bridgeport nonprofits.
The effort was started by a 6-year-old girl Sophie when she saw a homeless man and wanted to give him her whole wallet because he was unhoused. Sophie’s parents helped get the program going and have since raised over $30,000 through the sale of flowers.
"I remember the first time that we ever handed over a check to one of our organizations,” said Flowers for Friends organizer Grace Cadwallader. “I just remember feeling this immense warmth and that warmth carries me through the hot summer days and the cool summer nights making the flowers."
Organizers told News 12 a group of girls between 12 and19 have their own plot at Burroughs Community Gardens where they grow many of the flowers they sell.
The floral bouquets the group sells have become a staple at the Black Rock Farmers Market.