Former juvenile detention facility administrator says he had no knowledge of alleged sex abuse

The former administrator of a Warren County juvenile detention facility claims he had no knowledge that staff suspected a former county sheriff might be having an inappropriate interest in boys at the facility.
That testimony came out Wednesday for the defense in a civil lawsuit against Warren County, alleging county officials failed to protect kids in its care from former Warren County Sheriff Edward Bullock.
Defense attorney Jerrald Howarth asked former administrator Jerry Coyle if he ever heard of any sexual abuse involving Bullock during the 1980s. “None whatsoever,” replied Coyle.
“If you have received that information, what would you have done?” asked Howarth.
“I would have called the prosecutor,” said Coyle.
Last week, a former employee of Coyle’s, Lisa Rodger, testified that she reported her concerns to Coyle more than once. Other county employees have testified to having concerns about Bullock's interest in young boys, and concerns about Bullock transporting the boys back and forth to court appointments without anyone else present.