Former Norwalk police officer pleads guilty as part of deal, cannot return to law enforcement

A former Norwalk police officer accused of drinking on the job and ignoring service calls took a plea deal Thursday.
During a remote hearing, Michael Dimeglio pleaded guilty to second-degree reckless endangerment and a reduced charge of sixth-degree larceny.
Dimeglio was originally charged with second-degree larceny, which is a felony. State's Attorney Paul Ferencek said the state lowered that to a misdemeanor after investigators determined the city only lost about $200. Ferencek also added that Dimeglio has no prior record.
In exchange, Dimeglio will pay $1,000 in fines.
The guilty plea ends a case that began in October 2020 when Dimeglio and Officer Sara Laudano were discovered in a hotel room while the two were on the clock. Supervisors tracked them to Even Hotel in Norwalk after Laudano failed to answer a call.
“An extensive investigation followed, and the following was determined,” Ferencek summarized during the hearing. "Prior to beginning his shift at 4 p.m., he was observed drinking alcoholic beverages at a local bar. When he got on duty, he spent a considerable amount of time in the parking lot of the Norwalk Police Department drinking.”
Police said Dimeglio later met up with Laudano and her friend in a school parking lot to drink, then responded to calls and even drew his weapon during one.
“He has been decertified by the state as a police officer,” Ferencek told the court. “And because of these misdemeanor convictions, he will not work as a police officer in the state of Connecticut, so, the state is satisfied with these convictions.”
Dimeglio's attorney, Jessica Kordas, called the deal reasonable.
“Mr. Dimeglio has moved with his family out of state. He resigned from the police department. He did not contest the decertification,” Kordas said. “It is unlikely with these convictions that not only will he not be able to work as an officer in this state, but in any other state as well.”
The state has also made an offer to Dimeglio's co-defendant. Laudano is set to appear in court April 26.
Both defendants previously tried to apply for accelerated rehabilitation, a pre-trial program for first-time offenders that allows the charges to be dropped if they stay out of trouble for a year. Judge Gary White denied their applications.