Extreme heat settles in Connecticut starting Tuesday

Foul smell forces Bridgeport apartment complex residents to open windows as temperature plummets

Many of the residents impacted by the odor are seniors and people with disabilities who have been forced to open their windows to freezing temperatures.

News 12 Staff

Feb 3, 2023, 5:25 PM

Updated 500 days ago


Residents at an apartment building in Bridgeport say a foul smell left behind from a water leak on the first floor has led them to open their windows for relief, but the temperature is quickly dropping.
The water leak is impacting residents at 1575 Boston Ave., many of them seniors and people with disabilities who live on the first floor.
Residents say the foul smell caused by a water leak in the basement a few days ago is forcing them to keep their windows open.
One resident says she has serious chronic health issues but has been sleeping at night with the windows open nonetheless, causing the temperature in her apartment to get down to as cold as 40 degrees.
Residents shared photos with News 12 of what they describe as "a sludge-like layer of muck" on the basement floor as the result of the water leak.
With the cold expected over the next 48 hours, residents say they have no choice but keep the windows open at night.
Residents say the management for the building sent a company to clean up the basement but that the smell is still present.

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