Friends help pay legal bills for Fairfield teacher wrongfully accused of exposing himself

Just weeks after a jury found him not guilty of exposing himself to one of his students, supporters of a Fairfield teacher are trying to help him raise money to pay his legal bills.
After a difficult journey through the court system, Jeff Iwaniki is now surrounded by friends and family helping celebrate his acquittal and pay his legal bills, which added up to over $60,000.
Supporters gathered at the Riverview Bistro in Stratford to help raise money.
The event was organized by members of the Fairfield teachers union and featured raffles of vacations and a signed NHL jersey.
"He is a highly respected individual, with a tremendous track record," says Bob Smoler, president of the Fairfield Education Association. "I would say beloved by his students, and a lot of it didn't add up for us."
Iwaniki was recently found not guilty by a jury, after more than two years of living under the cloud of accusation.
Iwaniki says that healing takes time but an event like this is a big step.