From Maine to North Carolina – barefoot. British solider raises money to fight daughter’s rare disease

British Army Major Chris Brannigan is making a stop tonight on a long and difficult journey down the Northeast coast, all to raise money to help his daughter fight a rare genetic mutation.
Brannigan is trying to raise $3.5 million by walking from Bar Harbor, Maine to North Carolina – barefoot.
His 9-year-old daughter, Hasti, has Cornelia de Lange syndrome, or CDLS - a genetic mutation that interferes with physical and mental development. Brannigan says fundraising to create a therapy for the rare disease is difficult, hence the journey to shine a light on it.
“She wants her daddy home,” he told News 12 in Bridgeport Tuesday night. “She wants her new medicine, but unless I complete this journey, unless I raise that money, that's just not going to happen.”
Brannigan working with the Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor and is stopping at hospitals and universities along the way to draw attention to CDLS. He will be staying at a firehouse in Bridgeport overnight.