Gabriel Byrne’s autobiographical ‘Walking With Ghosts’ now a new Broadway show

Gabriel Byrne, who has starred in dozens of films, including “Miller's Crossing” and “The Usual Suspects,” is telling his own story in a new Broadway show.
The solo performance, “Walking With Ghosts,” is based largely on Byrne's memoir of the same title. He has previously performed “Walking With Ghosts” in his native Ireland and in England. In it, he recounts places and people who have shaped his life.
"I think we all carry ghosts inside, the ghost of memory, the ghost of people we've known and loved who've passed," says Byrne. “Landscapes that have gone, experiences that we've had culturally that have gone.”
Byrne says he started thinking about all the things he experienced that have passed.
“But they haven't passed. They're inside us,” he says.
“Walking With Ghosts” is directed by Lonny Price and is a limited run through Dec. 30 at the Music Box Theatre.