Gas station cuts a break for patrons paying with cash

The owner of a Hess station in Stratford is offering a special deal to patrons opting to pay cash instead of credit.
Raj Tala, owner of a station at 1975 Barnum Ave., is cutting his prices by 14 cents for customers who keep their credit cards in their wallets. Tala says the delay in receiving the funds is the motivation behind the deal.
"Cash is better for me," he says. "I don't have to do anything. I can take the money and deposit it in the bank."
Tala says he is forced to borrow money while waiting for credit charges to come into his account. Those loans are used to afford inventory, fuel, payroll and other necessities, according to the owner.
Customers have mixed responses to the special price. Some are happy to get any break they can as the cost of gas skyrockets, while others feel not offering the deal to all patrons is unfair.
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