Gas tax holiday begins in Connecticut with prices down 25 cents at some stations

The state gas tax holiday has started and gas prices have already started going down. But drivers may have to wait a little longer before seeing the full savings.
At a Global station in Norwalk gas dropped 25 cents a gallon overnight. Some stations are waiting for their next delivery to drop prices.
Everywhere News 12 drove on Friday had prices down at least 15 to 25 cents, but the Attorney General's Office says it has already gotten a handful of complaints.
"They already got their delivery and they paid 25 cents more, and that is creating the problem," said Michael Fox from Gasoline and Automotive Service Dealers of America.
Gov. Ned Lamont acknowledged Friday that drivers might not see the full savings immediately.
"Different gas stations are going to pass along 100% of the tax cut. Some may do more, some may do less. They've got to decide that for themselves," said Lamont.
But Attorney General William Tong disagrees and has issued a warning to gas station owners.
"You've got to drop your prices by a quarter per gallon if that's built into your prices," said Tong.
When asked about the different response he gave versus the governor, Tong said there isn't much of a difference.
"I don't think there's any real difference. The legislature and the governor passed a law. The law is in effect today," he said.
Timing aside, drivers say they are grateful for the savings. One New York driver is even making a run for the border to save a few cents.
"Absolutely, so I'll definitely be going to Greenwich instead of Port Chester to do some gas," said Port Chester resident Danny Ortega.
Like all good things, holidays don't last forever. The gas tax ends on June 30.